Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A Happy Village on the Coast

The minute I heard about the Happy Villages fabric collage book by Karen Eckmeier, I knew I had to have it.

I ordered the book, and then, a mere year or so later, got motivated to actually try the technique for this year's quilt guild challenge.

We're supposed to use at least one technique new to us, and to add at least two embellishments on the finished wall-hanging.

Sticking to the "legal" size this year was easy.  I sometimes have trouble with that one!

I was able to make my wall-hanging a little larger than Karen's suggestion for a first project, and still meet the size criterion.

Making this was like designing a jigsaw puzzle.  Fun fun fun.  I got addicted right away.  I could not stop cutting out little roofs and windows, doors and trees.

I chose not to follow Karen's suggestion to include steps.  They look great on her designs, but I found them distracting on mine, and I felt more foliage was in order.

I added a few sailboats and a couple of seagulls, then embellished the ocean with hot fix crystals--also a new technique for me--and couched a little yarn around the edge next to the binding.

The crystals don't show up well in the photo, alas.  But I love this thing!  Must make more!

This isn't due until the March guild meeting, and will go on display at the April meeting.  It feels good to finish in plenty of time, and get back to my other 27 projects!