Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Yes, I’m at it again: I’ve made another monstrous project that seemed like a good idea at the time and then went horribly wrong.

For more on my less-than-delightful experiments in crafting, you can read about my Frankentote, which has links to my Frankenhat and Frankencowl, and of course, let's not forget Frankenbear, although I have no pics of him;  he's long gone to charity, bless his heart.

I should have waited for my friend Elisa before I started this.  We had agreed we would one day get together to make these very cool Jelly Roll Rugs designed by Roma Lambson.

We had the jelly rolls, we had the precut rolls of batting strips.  But we kept getting distracted by our startitis issues, so we hadn’t quite gotten around to this rug when—you guessed it—Covid happened.

I was quilting out of my stash, and I kept seeing my jelly roll and that cute pattern sitting in a basket, waiting.  I needed something simple to do one stressful day (out of many stressful days), and I grabbed the jelly roll and started sewing the strips together.  I even ordered the special tool that is supposed to make the folding of strips and sewing the actual rug easier.

I sheepishly confessed to Elisa that I started the project without her.  She was forgiving.  (What would we do without our friends?)

The first part of the process went fine.  Easy, fun, progress being made, no problems.

Alas, this did not last.  Maybe it was lack of patience on my part, or lack of manual dexterity.  Despite watching the helpful YouTube tutorial, the central portion of my rug looks... well... Frankenruggy.  All distorted and pleated, bumpy and messy.  And the outer edges are all floppy and wavy.  Very disappointing.

I blame myself, not the pattern.

I love the colors I chose, but I am never going to use this.  Maybe it would make a good dog bed at a local pet shelter?

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