The Archer King


Winner of the 2001 Independent Publisher Book Award for Visionary Fiction
Finalist for the 2001 Benjamin Franklin Award for Popular Fiction

"It is many years since I have felt so eager to spread the word about a new book.  I found the story as compelling as The Mists of Avalon and believe that what Marion Zimmer Bradley did for the Arthurian legend, Lorele has done for Robin Hood.  The story lives and breathes, the writing is vibrant and filled with passion.  This is a beautifully published book with a quality of tale-telling you will find but rarely. It is more than worth every penny and I give it my strongest recommendation in years.  Buy this book.  This is one you will read more than once."
--The Unicorn

"A well-researched gem in the genre of historical fiction.  The Archer King is a masterful re-telling of the myths and legends surrounding Robin Hood.  Full of rich detail and beautiful language."
--Magical Blend

"The Robin Hood story is updated to the new millennium in Reyna Thera Lorele's The Archer King.  It's a fairly daring thing for an author to write a new version of an old story, but this novel, set in the time of the Crusades, carries it off.  There is an additional overlay of fantasy as Robert of Loxley is drawn to the master of the Mysteries of the Druids.  This is old-fashioned romance and adventure, done very well."
--Alan Caruba,

"The Archer King is a clever re-visioning of the Pagan tradition behind the Robin Hood legends.  It creates a tale that will delight the followers of Wicca, and enlighten and enthrall others with its blend of action, spirituality, and romance.  A rousing good read!"
--Barbara G. Walker, author
The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

"Masterful, inspirational."
--Editors Choice

"Adventure, romance, intrigue, bravery--mix in the magic of the Old Ways and a virile legend--this book has it all!  In addition to a new image of Robin, The Archer King features a Marion who is far from the usual lightweight Hollywood maiden.  This Marion is strong-willed, with her own gifts.  A wonderful read: inventive, fun, sexy and spiritual--truly a less 'mundane' take on a classic story.  Highly recommended!"

"The Archer King is a terrific book that you won't want to put down."
--Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D., author, Practicing the Presence of the Goddess

"Black mares, emerald brooches, white stags, silver moons.  Dirty tunics, smoky leather, poultices and porridge.  For readers who enjoy the Robin Hood legend, and a well-researched depiction of life in the 12th century, Lorele has written The Archer King.  It's both adventure story and love story.  There's the ethereal, and there's the bawdy.  By the time you're finished reading, you'll be referring to wolf moons, joints of meat and jugs of ale, torches and daggers.  You'll dream of sorcerers."
--Crone Chronicles

"The Archer King is just what the herbalist ordered.  This innovative portrayal of a strong Maerin and Initiated Robin kept me turning pages well into the night and is sure to become a classic."
--COG Newsletter

"Before Queen Amidala, Princess Leia or Xena, Warrior Princess, there was Maid Marion.  And Maid Marion rocked.  Comparisons to Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Mists of Avalon" seem inevitable when reading "The Archer King."   The result is a fast-paced and entertaining novel that reads like a tale from an old broadside ballad.  Lorele's book poses interesting theories about the man or spirit that is known today as "Robin Hood."  Entertaining, thought-provoking and, perhaps, even enlightening."
--Cynthia Parkhill, Lake County Record-Bee


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